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I didn't make it; Life is over...

publishedover 1 year ago
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The year is 1998.
I have just given my IIT-JEE exam after class 12th.
And I am confident that I will make it to the top 1000 ranks.
Don't ask where I have got that confidence from. I am just confident! :)
The day of the result comes.

Back in those days, there were no online results.
One had to go to the institute to see the results.
I go to the IIT Delhi campus with my dad, on our Bajaj Super FE Scooter.
Reach the campus. Walk to the notice board where the roll numbers are displayed.
And start moving my finger from top to bottom.

My roll number is not there.

I rub my eyes, shake my head, and start from the top again.
My roll number is not there.

At that moment, my life felt like it was over.

This week the CA final results came out.
This week the NEET exam also happened.
And this week, the majority of my emails were from those who did not clear the exam, or know they will not clear the exam.
And I know how that feels.
I know exactly how it feels to let your parents down, to let yourself down, to be clueless as to what to do next, to think that life is over!

And if there is only one thing that I can tell you at this moment, it is that life IS NOT over.

We all think that clearing that exam, that interview was the destination.
And that isn't true.

We all think that there is only one path, to get to the destination we have chosen for ourselves.
And that isn't true.

We all think that once we get to that destination everything in life will be sorted.
And that isn't true.

The truth is - that exam, that job, that salary, that relationship, that house, that car, that bank balance - is not the destination.
These are all means, to get to a point in life - where we all want to get to.
Where we are happy, where we are content, where we are at peace with who we are.

The truth is - there are a million ways to get to this point.
Most of which are not even known to us.
They will only unfold as we move along in life.

The truth is - these means will not sort your life out.
That CA degree is not going to sort your life out. Becoming a doctor is not going to sort your life out.
That job is not going to sort your life out.
That bank balance is not going to sort your life out.
That relationship is not going to sort your life out.
That is all a lie!

So many of you, have already gone through this experience, know what I am saying is true.
They also didn't clear the exams, the interviews, the hurdles.
And yet here they are, living life. Perhaps even grateful for not being able to clear that hurdle!
Because it opened up new paths to the same destination.

As you too will realize soon.

That exam, that interview, that relationship, that money does not define you.
You are much bigger than this :)


For this week's podcast, I recorded my thoughts on comparison.
Why do we compare?
Why, today's world, has made this act of comparing really really detrimental to us?
How can we get out of this comparison trap?

You can give it a listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, JioSaavn or Gaana.
My podcasts are now on YouTube as well - because so many of you asked for it.


I am still reading (and intend to keep reading for another 2 weeks)
Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger

This is the slowest book I have read in the past 3 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Which is the slowest book you have ever read?


How we think of our problems is how the world will think of our problems.
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You are what you do. Not what you say you'll do.
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A year from now, you will wish you had started today.
Start today.
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Success is a relationship you have with your own self.
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The biggest misconception people have is that they are the odd one out and everyone else is sorted!
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Last week I asked you:

Who are you (or were you, if they are no more) closest to you, in your immediate family?

  1. Your mother
  2. Your father
  3. Your siblings

Let's start with the most asked question of all times. Are daughters closer to their fathers or sons closer to their mothers?
Here is the answer!

Clearly, moms win hands-down for both sides. And interestingly, sons are almost 5 times more likelier to be closer to their mothers, than daughters, who are only 3 times likelier to be closer to their mothers.

Looking at it from an age perspective,

Fathers are losing the battle like no other day! Siblings are defeating them, across all age groups. I also like this 18-30 age band where fathers dip the most (I am imagining friction regarding career and relationships) and siblings emerge as confidants!

While mothers are like, chilling - humme koi hilaa nahi sakta :))


Where did you make your best friends?

  1. School
  2. College
  3. Colony
  4. Workplace
  5. Online

Click here to let me know your answer (anonymously)​​

You can, of course, always write to me, by simply replying to this newsletter. I love reading all your emails, even though I may not be able to reply to them all.
​​(Zomato mein aate jaate cofounders ki kasam!)
PS: Kasmein phir se bhi khayi jaa sakti hai. Aisa koi rule nahi hai, repeat nahi kar sakte :))

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