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You don't say this to a dying person

publishedover 1 year ago
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Would you say these things to a dying person?

Dear students, welcome to today's class.
Today, I want you all to imagine that someone close to you is dying.
And then I want you to think of sentences that YOU SHOULD NOT say to that dying person.
Alright, who is going to start first?
Yes, Rahul - go ahead.

"Don't you think you lived quite a boring life?"

Very good, Rahul. That is certainly something you would not want to ever say to a dying person.
OK, who's next?
Yes, Neha, go ahead.

"If only you had worked harder, no?"

Excellent, Neha. That would be such a terrible thing to say to a dying person.
Yes, Rohan?

"Why do you think you didn't make it in life?"

OMG. That's so good, that I pray no one dying ever gets to hear this.
OK, one final one. Who will go next?
Yes Deepthi, share please.

"How does it feel to know you won't be able to fix your mistakes ever?"

My god, Deepthi. How sinister. Thanks for sharing and please do not share this with anyone dying, OK?

Well done, class. I am so proud of you.
These are 4 great examples of things you would NEVER say to anyone dying.

Now, tell me something, what is the difference between dying and failing?
No one?

Ok, let me tell you.
There isn't much difference between dying and failing.
When we are dying, the biggest emotion is that we will cease to exist any moment now.
That we won't get another chance.
That we have done all that we could and it's now over.

What happens when we fail?
When we fail, the biggest emotion is that all that we were working towards will cease to exist now.
We feel we won't get another chance.
We feel we did all that we could and it's now all over.

Let's go back to the 4 things you all shared, as examples of something one wouldn't say to a dying person.

"Don't you think you lived quite a boring life?"
"If only you had worked harder, no?"
"Why do you think you didn't make it in life?"
"How does it feel to know you won't be able to fix your mistakes ever?"

If you wouldn't say these to a dying person, I am telling you, don't say these words to someone who has failed.

When someone fails, do not remind them of their failure, do not blame them for their failure, do not make them aware that they have lost a chance, do not judge them for failing.
Be there for them.

And if you wouldn't say this to ANYONE who has failed, then the first person in that list is...?
Does someone want to answer that?
Who is the first person in that list?
Yes, Ankur.

"Our own selves"

Excellent Ankur. You are so smart. The smartest kid actually. So smart that aankhon mein aansu aa jaate hain, khushi ke, when I watch you. You are such a blessing. Matlab, god level. Or as you kids say it nowadays, OG and all. Mazaa aa gaya.
(Sorry, I went overboard with the self-praise)


We fail.
We feel terrible.
And then we say those exact same things to ourselves, that we wouldn't say to ANYONE ELSE.
We torture ourselves.
The same story plays on a loop, in our head.
We should have been our best friend.
We become our worst enemy.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The "art" of overthinking

This week's podcast episode is on overthinking - explaining why we tend to overthink the bad more than the good, and what's the best way to solve it.

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Book I am reading this week

Took a break from reading this week. No new books picked. But have a bunch of them lined up. Excited about the ones coming up :)

In the meantime, here is a link of 20 books that I helped me more than school or college ever did!

Quotes to share

Ones who continue to grow in life are not the ones who make the best decisions.
Instead, they are quick to change their decisions, once they stop growing.
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It has become increasingly easy to start a company, to raise money, have a fancy office, great perks, get press, massive valuations, free lunch and bean bags.
It remains intensely tough to build an institution where people love to come to work.
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You are in love with yourself, when you are not affected by what people think of you.
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The battle is in the mind.
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When young, we will experience short-term pain. Because we are learning new things, forming new relationships, discovering a new self, facing your fears.
If we avoid this short-term pain it converts into long-term regret.
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Pic of the week

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